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Malta Malta

Head of State
Indirectly elected by legislature
Head of Government
Electoral System (Chamber 1)
Single Transferable Vote
Voting age


Name of Institution: Electoral Commission Website Address: (2012)

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Electoral News Archive

30 May 2011
Malta votes to allow divorce, CNN(2011)
11 May 2011
Malta: National Referendum - travel arrangements for Maltese abroad, DI-VE (2011)
10 May 2011
Malta: Divorce referendum - Little-known legal notice enables billboards to be put up almost anywhere, The Malta Independent (2011)
18 February 2011
Malta: PM writes to Muscat on divorce referendum - suggests question and May 28 as D-Day, Times of Malta (2011)
11 February 2011
Malta: PN denies it is restricting right to referendum, Times of Malta (2011)
07 April 2008
Malta: Turnout Drops to 93%, Lowest Since 1971, Times of Malta (2008)
20 February 2008
Malta: The weird world of Maltese politics, Malta Today (2008)
20 February 2008
Malta: Travel arrangements for Maltese voters living abroad, Times of Malta (2008)
20 February 2008
Malta: Election 2008 – Week 2: Social issues, the environment take central stage in week two, The Malta Independent Online (2008)
20 February 2008
Malta: A fair overview of the electoral campaign, Malta Media (2008)



Electoral Materials

Reports and Assessments
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Laws and Regulations
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Description of Electoral System

(courtesy of IFES election guide)

The President is elected by the House of Representatives to serve a 5-year term. In the House of Representatives 65 members are elected by proportional representation to serve 5-year terms. Additional seats are given to the party with the largest popular vote to ensure a legislative majority.



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