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The ACE Practitioners’ Network is an online community of hundreds of election experts from around the world. The Network is a forum where electoral expertise, experience and knowledge can be shared. It is accessed via the ACE website, and membership is granted by a network facilitator. The aim of the Practitioners’ Network is to promote the professionalism of the field of elections and to share knowledge resources with the general public. In order to fulfill these goals, the Network provides an online space where election practitioners can interact, answer questions, provide peer advice, share and disseminate best practices, encourage new ideas, approaches and lessons learned. Read more about the Network here.

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Previous Questions and Expert Replies

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23 Nov 2015: Time Sensitive: Prohibiting government from making statements before election
28 Oct 2015: Citizen Police Officers at Polling Stations
06 Oct 2015: Collecting Population Data for Boundary Delimitation : Alternative Practices
13 Aug 2015: Civil society's role in advocating for, drafting, and implementing campaign finance laws
07 Aug 2015: EMBs: Should they hire their own legal advisers, or use government supplied legal counsel?
05 Aug 2015: Questionnaire design for assessing challenges of implementing electoral technology
30 Jul 2015: Final Observation Reports from Bosnia and Herzegovina 1996/97
30 Jul 2015: Iris Biometric Voter Registration in Somaliland
28 Jul 2015: Best Practices for Election Coverage Online
28 Jul 2015: Amending the Uruguay Constitution
08 Jul 2015: EMB Experiences with Open Source Technology
07 Jul 2015: Timing of Counting Votes
22 Jun 2015: Requesting successful cases of awareness raising for the voter registration process
19 Jun 2015: Permanent Voter Registration Systems
17 Jun 2015: Combining National Identity Cards and Voter Registration Cards
17 Jun 2015: Public Electoral Registers : How are they handled by EMBs?
17 Jun 2015: Experiences with Internet Voting
17 Jun 2015: Strategies to include 'multiply marginalized' groups in elections
17 Jun 2015: Guidance for Students Seeking Funding for Professional Electoral Studies
17 Jun 2015: Seeking Assessments of EMB Structure and Processes in Developed Democracies
17 Jun 2015: Seeking Cross-National Survey Data on How Voters Cast their Ballots
16 Jun 2015: Use of drones on election day / Uso de drones el día de la elección
16 Jun 2015: Seeking Information about Voter Costs
16 Jun 2015: Proposing Boundary Delimitation Changes in Malaysia
15 Jun 2015: Looking for Literature on Electoral Abstention
15 Jun 2015: Partially Deferred General Elections (esp. under MMP)
15 Jun 2015: Examples of 'vote per household' and multi-stage elections at the municipal level
12 Jun 2015: How to prevent vote rigging
06 Jun 2015: Discarding or retiring defunct voters' rolls
05 Jun 2015: GIS/GPS Mapping of Polling Stations in Sierra Leone
27 May 2015: Direct Democratic Elections in Lebanon - How to Get There
22 May 2015: Instances of Purging Voters from Voter Rolls
21 May 2015: Foreign Travel Guidelines for EMBs and Electoral Practitioners
24 Apr 2015: Planning for National Emergencies and Electoral Delays
22 Apr 2015: Lessons Learnt with Election Violence in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States
22 Apr 2015: The media's role in creating peaceful and non-violent elections
17 Apr 2015: Measuring the Quality of Elections
25 Mar 2015: Special Rules and Bans on Election Day
19 Mar 2015: Best Practices in Gender-Segregated Voting
18 Mar 2015: Use of Cameras/Webcams in Polling Stations as Confidence Building Measures
18 Mar 2015: Performance Audits of Election Authorities: Methodologies and Examples of Conduct
11 Mar 2015: Electoral Reform Process Best Practices
23 Dec 2014: Best Practices with Conducting Election Audits
15 Dec 2014: Legislation governing political participation of former Electoral Commissioners and senior electoral staff
19 Nov 2014: Municipal EMBs increasing accessibility for voters with disabilities
14 Nov 2014: The Presence of Police/Military Inside Polling Stations
05 Nov 2014: Considerations and resources for researching legal frameworks and enforcement mechanisms in campaign finance
28 Oct 2014: Safeguards Against Violence and Intimidation Against Women Candidates During the Campaign Period
28 Oct 2014: Factors influencing the performance of biometric voter registration (BVR) systems
15 Oct 2014: Enforcement of Legislation Preventing Double-Voting in European Parliament Elections
14 Oct 2014: Stakeholders in Voter Outreach Activities
07 Oct 2014: Legal provisions for illiterate voters/Dispositions légales pour les électeurs analphabètes.
02 Oct 2014: Political Parties Visiting Schools and Election Commission Oversight
29 Sep 2014: Establishing a 'Democracy Module' at the Indian International Institute of Democracy and Election Management (IIIDEM)
17 Sep 2014: Voting patterns of people with a disability
15 Sep 2014: Using Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) for elections?
08 Sep 2014: Low registration rate with person-initiated registration for Libya 2014
26 Aug 2014: Biometric Voter Registration and Voter Identification
15 Jul 2014: Checking the candidate supporter lists
11 Jul 2014: Recommendations or best practices for writing materials provided at polling stations for voters
01 Jul 2014: Restrictions on Political Campaigning in Myanmar and Beyond
27 Jun 2014: Developing an EMB Voter Education Training Plan
25 Jun 2014: NGO/CSO Department in an EMB
20 Jun 2014: Citizens' Groups Participating in National or Local Elections
19 Jun 2014: Promoting youth in elected positions
17 Jun 2014: Responsabilidad del contenido en el sitio web del organismo electoral/Responsability for Content on EMB Website
14 Jun 2014: Affichage Électoral/Election Posters
12 Jun 2014: Manuals for Election Commission Spokespersons
12 Jun 2014: Information about Regional EMB Networks
11 Jun 2014: Electronic Election Observation
10 Jun 2014: Country experiences with electronic voting
28 May 2014: Electoral Observation Regulations
09 May 2014: Barriers to women's voter registration
22 Apr 2014: Regulations for political party names
21 Apr 2014: Successful anti-corruption tools for electoral processes
16 Apr 2014: Development of CEC Communications Strategy
10 Apr 2014: Voter education and domestic election observation implemented by the same NGO
07 Apr 2014: Registration fees for political parties and candidates standing for elections
03 Apr 2014: Voters signing in support of more than one candidate or party
26 Mar 2014: Experiences with online testing of election staff
24 Mar 2014: Examples of Diversity Inclusion in Electoral Processes
19 Mar 2014: Voting rights for irregular migrants?
19 Mar 2014: Experiences with reserved seats or constituencies for women in parliamentary elections
18 Mar 2014: Special seat allocation systems for citizens voting from abroad
03 Mar 2014: Formula for the number of Members of Parliament?
03 Mar 2014: Publishing lists of the people who voted in an election
22 Aug 2013: Electoral reforms made by specific assemblies
25 Jul 2013: Successful EMB institutional development and capacity building
23 Jul 2013: Comparative examples of electoral procedures and legislation considering the customary laws of indigenous communities
19 Jul 2013: Research on voter registration and urban migration in Africa
19 Jul 2013: Actions undertaken by EMBs to increase voter registration
17 Jul 2013: Systems with separate polling stations for men and women
11 Jun 2013: Examples of criminal sanctions imposed against political parties
30 May 2013: International experiences of supporting electoral law enforcement
21 May 2013: An internationally agreed normative base for free, fair and credible elections
13 May 2013: Examples of election-time caretaker governments in parliamentary democracies
29 Apr 2013: Professional platforms/initiatives and international standards/principles for boundary delimitation
24 Apr 2013: Examples of regulation of political parties in constitutions
18 Apr 2013: Pros and cons of a permanent computerized electoral list in Benin and its impact on voting operations
27 Mar 2013: Consultations on internet voting
25 Mar 2013: Examples where voter transport on election day by candidates or political parties is permitted
18 Mar 2013: Less talk about ”free and fair” elections?
28 Feb 2013: Geographical requirements and ban on trade union officials when registering a political party
28 Feb 2013: Fate of old voter register in an emerging democracy
06 Feb 2013: Abrogation of quotas for women
29 Jan 2013: Strategies to tackle absenteeism of polling staff
18 Jan 2013: Release of election data by EMBs
15 Jan 2013: Holding of referendum in more than one phase
08 Jan 2013: Political party consultative mechanisms and codes of conduct
08 Jan 2013: Annulment and re-running of an election at district level
07 Jan 2013: Examples of election logistics manuals
11 Dec 2012: Challenging the prohibition of independent candidates
07 Dec 2012: NGOs combating vote buying
30 Nov 2012: Voting from abroad and residency status
29 Nov 2012: Ensuring polling staff comply with election laws and procedures
19 Nov 2012: Regulations restricting photography and filming inside polling stations
16 Nov 2012: Managing the power of incumbency
15 Nov 2012: Election monitoring and election-related violence
15 Nov 2012: Scope and functions of the IT Division of an Electoral Management Body
13 Nov 2012: Civil society coalitions and domestic election observation
25 Oct 2012: Apportionment of parliamentary seats
24 Oct 2012: Civic and electoral education centres
08 Oct 2012: Social media and voter education
08 Oct 2012: Use of voting booths
24 Sep 2012: Appointing leading Election Commission positions in absentia
10 Sep 2012: Gender quotas in Africa
31 Aug 2012: Cost of election security for EMBs
24 Aug 2012: Secrecy of the ballot for voters with disabilities
22 Aug 2012: Running elections without an electoral roll
21 Aug 2012: Experiences of institutional decentralisation of EMBs?
16 Aug 2012: Overview of institutions dealing with electoral complaints
16 Aug 2012: Changes to electoral systems/voting from abroad?
06 Aug 2012: Minimum standard for voter registration rate?
01 Aug 2012: El voto golondrino/manipulation of electoral demography
19 Jul 2012: Popularising election observation among youth
13 Jul 2012: Updating the voter list under challenging conditions
10 Jul 2012: Replacement of polling committee chairpersons?
06 Jul 2012: The Swedish 'free right of nomination': Other examples?
04 Jul 2012: Training within an independent EMB
29 Jun 2012: Criteria for EMB members in Haiti?
29 Jun 2012: Preparing for elections in Fiji
28 Jun 2012: Post-graduate programmes on electoral management/administration?
28 Jun 2012: Advantages and disadvantages of sub-municipal wards
26 Jun 2012: Mapping of polling stations
26 Jun 2012: Bonus seats to largest party in Greek election
25 Jun 2012: Examples of Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks used to assess electoral 'projects'?
25 Jun 2012: Establishing an Elections Operation Centre
21 Jun 2012: Biometric Voter Registration: Skills required and problems encountered?
15 May 2012: Inaccuracy of voter rolls
09 May 2012: Democratic consolidation strengthened by independence of EMBs?
09 May 2012: Role of EMBs in interparty dialogue
04 May 2012: Smart phone election observation app
04 May 2012: Implications of length of polling process for international election observation
03 May 2012: EMBs and social media
02 May 2012: Examples of Outsourcing Functions of EMBs
12 Apr 2012: Organizing voting from abroad within a short time frame
11 Apr 2012: Examples of internal elections in emerging democracies?
11 Apr 2012: Impact of electoral finance on election-related violence?
10 Apr 2012: Evidence that professional election security programmes have had a positive impact on elections
10 Apr 2012: Experiences of PR open list system?
30 Mar 2012: Online publication of unofficial results on election day
30 Mar 2012: Increased voter turnout following planned initiatives: Examples?
26 Mar 2012: Elected Member of Parliament not allowed to stay on as independent MP after leaving party: Examples?
12 Mar 2012: The use of the military in the electoral process in stable and semi-stable countries
12 Mar 2012: Biometric voter verification in Ghana
09 Mar 2012: Lack of explicit legal provisions defining EMB powers and duties
08 Mar 2012: Impeachment law drafting in Bhutan
08 Mar 2012: Charging fees for civil registry: Examples?
07 Mar 2012: Relations between Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs) and observers
05 Mar 2012: Age limit for biometric identification
02 Mar 2012: Strategies used by the electorate to protect their vote
28 Feb 2012: EMBs with Gender Policies
25 Jan 2012: Using mobile phones for reporting voting results
23 Jan 2012: Limited voting rights for electoral officials?
13 Jan 2012: Electoral violence - early warning tools
11 Jan 2012: Creation, composition and mandate of Working Group for Electoral Reform
10 Jan 2012: Kyrgyzstan: Referendum/elections with violence in parts of the country?
09 Jan 2012: Selection criteria for candidates' debates
03 Jan 2012: EMB actions in developing democracies encouraging electoral participation of women
23 Dec 2011: Kenya 2012: Seven electoral contests in one day
21 Dec 2011: Neutral Symbols for Candidate Identification
20 Dec 2011: Regional election observation networks
20 Dec 2011: Paramount chieftaincy as a system of local government
19 Dec 2011: "Acceptable" number/proportion of invalid votes?
29 Nov 2011: Senegal: Adoption of single ballot for 2012 presidential election
21 Nov 2011: Constitutional change based on simple (not absolute) majority?
09 Nov 2011: Paper audit trail in e-voting
08 Nov 2011: Timor-Leste: Pros and cons of a single, codified electoral law
07 Oct 2011: Cases of interference with the work of an independent EMB and resulting actions
20 Sep 2011: Proportional Representation in Hong Kong Government
20 Sep 2011: Legislative Re-election
16 Sep 2011: Practices Associated with Combating Political Violence Against Women
16 Sep 2011: Temporary staff of EMBs: lessons learned
16 Sep 2011: Best practices for elections in disaster states
16 Sep 2011: Impact of organized crime on elections?
19 Apr 2011: Methods of Promoting Internal Democracy in Political Parties
31 Mar 2011: Electoral districts for greater accountability
21 Mar 2011: Manually counting ballots in Block Vote systems
08 Mar 2011: Sudan: Voter Registration of nomad tribes without a permanent address
28 Feb 2011: Codes of conduct for the electoral process
14 Feb 2011: Serial numbers on ballots
04 Feb 2011: Criteria for selection of Electoral Commissioners
21 Oct 2010: Ballot paper design for multiple elections
04 Aug 2010: Electoral FAQs
29 Apr 2010: Burma (Myanmar) 2010 Elections: Restrictions for candidate registration
17 Mar 2010: UNDP guidelines on prevention of election violence
18 Dec 2009: Definition of mental illness in electoral law
16 Oct 2009: EMB responsibility to oversee and administer internal political party elections
09 Jul 2009: Voting by homeless people
08 Jul 2009: Identification of voters wearing a veil
08 Apr 2009: Consolidated Response on Gender Quotas in African Countries
13 Feb 2009: Family and proxy voting in Macedonia
21 Jan 2009: Conduct during Elections for Civil Servants and Ministers
19 Sep 2008: Vetting electoral candidates
08 Aug 2008: "After-the-event" assessment of elections
08 Aug 2008: Inappropriate Electoral Systems
30 Jul 2008: Floor-crossing in East Timor
04 Mar 2008: Voting facilities for prisoners
09 Jan 2008: Retention of election materials
13 Sep 2007: Absentee voting facilities in Bhutan
24 May 2007: The use of a Photo Voter Roll
23 May 2007: Electoral education for children
23 May 2007: EMBs using Automatic Finger Identification Systems (AFIS)
21 May 2007: Holding elections simultaneously or separately
14 May 2007: Parallel vote tabulation (PVT) enhancing or undermining election credibility
10 May 2007: EMB independence and the origin of independent election administrations
10 May 2007: Evaluation of electoral assistance programmes
10 May 2007: Voter apathy and revival of genuine political participation
07 May 2007: Multiple passports from the same country
04 May 2007: Accreditation procedures for domestic observers
03 May 2007: Gender mainstreaming of the electoral administration
07 Apr 2007: Voter registration standards and country case studies
21 Mar 2007: Methods of apportionment
13 Mar 2007: Oaxaca, Mexico: Civil society requesting international election monitoring, training and supervision
20 Feb 2007: Photographs and icons on ballot papers
20 Feb 2007: Electoral management training courses
04 Jan 2007: Combining referenda and elections
04 Jan 2007: International vs. domestic election observation
03 Jan 2007: Election observation, monitoring and supervision
28 Dec 2006: The role of the police in the electoral process
28 Dec 2006: Electoral system in Iran
28 Dec 2006: Election Observation in Sub-Saharan Africa
28 Dec 2006: Ballot papers in the United Kingdom/England
28 Dec 2006: How are voter lists compiled and maintained in Italy?
28 Dec 2006: Direct democracy instruments in EU enlargement
28 Dec 2006: Voting with marbles in the Gambia
28 Dec 2006: The practice of compulsory voting: a right or a duty?
28 Dec 2006: None of the above (NOTA) option
28 Dec 2006: What percentage of registered voters makes a registration process acceptable?
28 Dec 2006: Secret ballots and vote buying
28 Dec 2006: Campaign silence
28 Dec 2006: Access to ballots for recount
28 Dec 2006: Ballot paper format in Madagascar
28 Dec 2006: Voter Registration trends and practices around the world
28 Dec 2006: Polling booth privacy in Thailand
28 Dec 2006: Guiding principles for legal framework of elections
28 Dec 2006: Silent Voters/Anonymous Registration in Australia and New Zealand
28 Dec 2006: Role of election boycotts in a democracy
28 Dec 2006: Single member and multi member districts
28 Dec 2006: Voter turnout by gender
28 Dec 2006: Representation of women in Ukraine
28 Dec 2006: Voting Rights of the Military
19 Dec 2006: Electronic Voting Machines - Blank vote option
19 Dec 2006: Candidate verification in Aceh